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  • 5 Places to Relax and Cope with Anxiety in the Cincinnati Area

    When you’re feeling anxious, it can be hard to know how to cope. You might feel like you need to avoid people and places altogether. But sometimes, finding a place to relax can help you feel better and ease your anxiety.

    What Cincinnati, OH Has to Offer to Ease Your Anxiety

    Cincinnati, OH has a lot of great places that are beautiful and relaxing. These are the perfect places to visit when you’re feeling anxious. In this blog, we’ll explore five of the best places to relax and cope with anxiety in the Cincinnati area.Photo of a woman walking down a brick sidewalk on a sunny day. Learn how you can ease anxiety symptoms with relaxing places in Cincinnati, OH from an online anxiety therapist in Erlanger, KY here.

    Alms Park

    This park is made up of 94 acres and is known for its incredible views. It offers an incredible view of the Ohio River, Lunken Airport, and the stretching valleys beyond. Alms Park also has a pavilion that is known to be breathtaking and has several walking trails.

    This is the perfect place to come if you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a place to sit while you look at the view and clear your head. It can also be a great place to practice grounding techniques as you feel the wind on your skin, hear the birds, and smell surrounding flowers.

    The Krohn Conservatory

    The Krohn Conservatory is located in Eden Park and is home to 3,500 plants and flowers worldwide. It also has a yearly butterfly show where butterflies fly around the Conservatory. But, there is a $10 fee for adults age, $7 fee for youth ages 5-17, and free admission for kids under four. This is a great place to come if you’re feeling anxious and need to be surrounded by beauty and nature and not other individuals.

    It’s a relaxing place to walk around and take in the sight of the koi pond, plants, and waterfall. It also has different houses that you can walk through. These include a bonsai gallery, a fern house, a palm house, and more that have specific types of plants for you to see. This is a great place to come if you need to de-stress and be around some greenery.Photo of an orange and black butterfly on a yellow flower. With online anxiety treatment in Cincinnati, OH you can begin to manage your anxiety symptoms to live a happier life. Learn more here!

    Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park

    Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park is a park that is over 300 hundred acres. It has over 80 outdoor sculptures that are on display throughout the landscape of the park. The park has many features that you can focus on to help you relax and ease your anxiety. There are meadows for picnicking or reading a book, lakes that you can sit by and focus on the sound of the water, and hiking trails if you are wanting to exercise while looking at art.

    However, there is a $10 admission fee for adults 18 and up, $5 fee for children 6-12, and free for kids under five. This park is peaceful and the art is spread out so you can take your time walking around and enjoying the scenery without worrying about crowds of people. This can be a great place to find an oasis of calm if you’re feeling anxious and need to escape the hustle and bustle of life.

    Fairview Park

    Fairview Park is a cozy park that has a perfect view of the hustle of the city during the day and night. The sights include the Cincinnati skyline, Union Terminal, and a distant view of the Ohio River. It can help you and your anxiety by giving you perspective and a chance to see the beauty in the cityscape.

    The park is lined with many tall evergreen and sycamore trees. This gives you the feeling of being in a relaxing forest even though you’re in an urban area.  It also has picnic tables nestled in the trees so you can picnic or just have a  seat and take in the view. This can give you a sense of comfort if you’re feeling anxious and a moment to yourself to reflect and relax.Photo of a park with the cityscape on a sunny day with people relaxing. Discover where to relax and help cope with anxiety symptoms with anxiety treatment in Cincinnati, OH. Learn more here!

    Mt. Airy Forest

    As the largest park in Cincinnati with over 1,459 acres, Mt. Airy Forest has many amenities to help you decompress and relax. It has an arboretum for you to look at the different types of greenery and the butterflies that also live there. The park also has a public treehouse that you must see! You can use it to take in the views and feel like a kid again. If you’re feeling anxious and need to move your body, there are hiking trails and mountain bike trails that you can take advantage of.

    The trails are wide enough that you don’t have to worry about getting too close to people. This can help you clear your head and help your body produce endorphins. If you’re not wanting to go alone, this Cincinnati park has a dog park where you can bring your furry companion and explore the scenery together. This way you can have a buddy to help you feel more comfortable and overcome your anxiety.

    Visit One of These Places to Ease Your Anxiety

    Sometimes getting away from your stressful environment is the best way to help ease your anxiety. It can also provide an environment that can help you reflect on your thoughts and feelings. If you’re feeling anxious and live in Ohio, try visiting one of these places in Cincinnati to find some peace and relaxation.Photo of yellow flowers in a park on a sunny day with a cityscape behind them. Anxiety can feel overwhelming sometimes. Learn how to manage your anxiety symptoms with an anxiety therapist in Erlanger, KY. Click here to find out more!

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