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  • Benefits of Online Therapy in Cincinnati, OH

    You may have been thinking about starting therapy, but don’t know which option to choose. Do you go into an office? Use an online-only telehealth service? Do a hybrid of both? In the last few years, options for therapy have increased for individuals around the world. Here in Kentucky and Ohio, you have options from Louisville and Lexington, KY to Columbus and Cincinnati, OH, and beyond. Here at Kyle Linnemann Counseling, you have the choice between in-person therapy in Erlanger, KY, online therapy in Kentucky, and online therapy in Ohio.

    Why Consider Online Therapy Near Cincinnati, OH? 

    A close up of a woman smiling while typing on a laptop. Learn more about online therapy in Kentucky and the convienence of online therapy in Cincinnati, Oh today. Get in touch with an online therapist in Louisville, KY to learn more about online therapy in Kentucky, online therapy in Ohio, and more.Most of us are very busy people. It’s so difficult to manage our schedules. We are all being pulled in so many different directions at work, at home, with our friends, and with our family. Usually, when this happens, our self-care is what becomes prioritized the least. We don’t have the time or energy to eat right, work out, savor positive moments, or go to therapy. We don’t take care of ourselves. And many of us struggle with our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We wrestle with anxiety, grief, anger, depression, panic, etc., and we often do it alone. These thoughts and feelings can be debilitating and interfere with our lives. Especially our ability to do what matters to us. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Online therapy for anxiety and more makes it convenient and easy to go to therapy and care for yourself in your own home, or at work.

    You don’t have to take the time to get ready to go to therapy, drive there, and spend money on ridiculous gas prices.

    Instead, you can meet during your lunch break, or right before work. All without worrying about making it to work or other obligations on time. Furthermore, many people live a long drive away from a competent, skilled, therapist. But you don’t have to drive miles away anymore to find an experienced, online therapist in Cincinnati, OH. It’s as simple as reaching out to me to schedule something. Next, turn on your computer or phone, click on a secure link, and start making changes in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. I’ve even had clients find a private place to park their car and had sessions there if work or home don’t offer enough privacy

    If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of others. 

    A person sits outside with their dog while typing on a laptop. Learn how online therapy in Cincinnati, OH can offer support from wherever you are most comfortable. Contacct an online therapist in Cincinnati, OH to learn more about online therapy in Ohio, online therapy in Kentucky, and more.

    There is a metaphor that accurately describes this. Imagine you are on a plane with children for which you are responsible. There is an emergency on the plane, and the flight attendant is urgently telling everyone to put the oxygen mask on. Your first urge is to put the oxygen masks on the children first. But, how can you do this well if you don’t put the mask on yourself first? You would be deprived of oxygen and would never be able to take care of the children. We have to take care of ourselves so that we can be there for others. Fortunately, taking care of your mental health has never been easier. All you need is a computer or smartphone, and a willingness to take the next step

    What Conditions Can Online Therapy Around Cincinnati, OH Help? 

    Online therapy in Cincinnati can be as beneficial for the same problems and conditions as in-person therapy. I’ve helped people using online therapy with a range of anxiety disorders. These include generalized anxiety, agoraphobia, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and other anxiety issues. Using online therapy, I’ve helped people struggling with depression, sadness, and problems dealing with anger and interpersonal relationships. Online therapy has been very beneficial for several of my clients struggling with prolonged grief disorder (formerly complicated grief disorder). Or, general difficulty with feelings of grief and loss. Online therapy can be especially helpful for conditions like agoraphobia, panic disorder, social phobia, or other anxiety disorders. Sometimes it can be important to build skills and learn how to approach our anxiety in a manageable way. Doing so from the comfort of our own homes can help us build skills and confidence. By doing so, we can gradually approach what we fear. In fact, as an online ACT therapist, I can help you build these skills in a sustainable way.

    Isn’t Online Therapy a Bit…Impersonal?

    Research indicates that online therapy can be as effective as in-person therapy. Research also indicates that for therapy to be effective, it is important to have a strong relationship with your therapist. This information tells me that people can build trusting relationships with online therapists. This is great because it is the foundation for making a change in therapy. I’ve found online therapy to be just as personal and I have been able to make deep, important connections with my clients. The kind of personal connections necessary to develop a trusting relationship, discuss challenging topics, and make important changes

    Before the COVID pandemic, I didn’t have any online clients. I saw all my clients in person. But, due to the necessity of seeing clients online due to COVID, I have seen how much people benefit from the ease and convenience of online therapy. As a result, I decided to continue implementing it in my practice

    A person taps on their phone while sitting at their computer desk with an open laptop. You can meet with an online therapist in Cincinnati, OH by searching "online therapy in Cincinnati, OH" today. We are happy to also offer online therapy in Kentucky as well as across Ohio.So what is stopping you? Reach out today to make an appointment, and we’ll meet wherever is most convenient for you!

    Begin Online Therapy Near Cincinnati, OH

    Distance shouldn’t affect what mental health services are available to you. I would be happy to offer support in addressing mental health concerns from the comfort and security of home. I’m happy to offer services in-person or online to residents of Cincinnati, OH, and across the state with online therapy in Kentucky. To start your therapy journey with Kyle Linnemann Counseling, please follow these simple steps:
    1. Start experiencing the benefits of online therapy

    Other Services Offered with Kyle Linnemann Counseling

    I’m happy to offer a variety of in-person and online services in support of your mental health. In addition to online therapy, I also offer anger management, anxiety treatment, complicated grief counseling, and ACT therapy. I also offer depression treatment, therapy for relationship issues, and Humana therapy coverage. Learn more by visiting my FAQ, resources page, or about page today!