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  • Can Online Therapy in Kentucky Offer Support for Anxiety

    Why Is Attending Therapy So Hard When I Have Anxiety?

    Anxiety can be a major impediment to coming to therapy and making changes in your life. Anxiety is such an uncomfortable feeling, that when it occurs, your focus and energy are spent on trying to figure out how to stop it. You may wonder what is wrong with you or think you are going crazy. Oftentimes, trying to stop these feelings means avoidance. Plus, consuming too much drugs, alcohol, television, or food.
    The problem with these short-term control strategies is that once you are faced with the same anxiety-provoking person, place, situation, or thing, the anxiety comes right back. Instead of accepting the anxiety and moving toward what matters to you, you move away from what matters. You use these unhelpful control strategies so you don’t feel discomfort and may not even be aware of this vicious cycle. So, how does one seek anxiety treatment to make changes regarding anxiety when therapy can be so anxiety-provoking?

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    Online Anxiety Treatment May Be The Answer You’re Looking For

    Fortunately, anxiety treatment is more convenient than ever before. This is due to the option of online therapy. It can be exhausting to approach situations, persons, places, and things that you fear. Online therapy helps to remove some of the stress and anxiety associated with therapy. You might have wondered “How will I find the time and energy to come to anxiety treatment? Dealing with my anxiety is already too time-consuming and exhausting”. This is an understandable thought process. But, the option of online therapy in Erlanger, KY removes some of the barriers. It gets you one step closer to making the changes necessary to doing what matters to you and living the life that you want. Online anxiety treatment can help with a variety of different anxiety-related problems. These can include panic disorder, social anxiety, agoraphobia, and generalized anxiety.

    What is the Difference Between Online Anxiety Treatment and In-person Anxiety Treatment

    There isn’t much of a difference between online anxiety and in-person anxiety treatment. In short, the biggest difference is that online therapy is much more convenient. It would likely be more helpful to talk about what is the same. In both online and in-person anxiety treatment, you can expect to spend some time discussing your history. And, some of the problems you are experiencing.

    A man waves at a computer while sitting at a desk. This could represent the ease of online anxiety treatment in Ohio. Learn more about anxiety treatment in Cincinnati, OH by contacting an online therapist in Kentucky. They can offer anxiety treatment in Kentucky and other services.

    From there, we will work together to help you identify the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors contributing to the anxiety. You will learn and gain insight into what has been helpful, and what hasn’t been helpful. You will begin to understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and learn to change your relationship with them. You’ll learn to gain more control over your behaviors, despite what you are experiencing internally. In some cases, you’ll learn how to decrease your anxiety. In other cases, when controlling your anxiety is impossible, you’ll learn to accept these feelings without allowing them to control you.

    You’ll also learn coping skills for managing difficult emotions and thoughts.

    For example, we may spend time learning how to slow your breathing down when you are anxious. When we are anxious, we often breathe faster. When we breathe faster, we don’t exhale completely. Thus, leaving our lungs partially filled with air. At this point, when we attempt to inhale, we don’t feel like we are consuming enough air. This is because we haven’t completely exhaled and we don’t have room in our lungs for more air. This creates sensations that increase our anxiety and causes us to panic because we feel like we are suffocating. The solution to this is slow breathing. But, this skill, among other skills helpful with treating anxiety, takes practice. This is why feedback from your anxiety therapist is vital.
    Another example of a coping skill that you might learn in online therapy is assertiveness. You might want to establish healthy boundaries with others, but you may not know how to be assertive. And, you worry you might affect your relationships in a negative way, which can lead to anxiety. Online and in-person therapy can both be helpful in learning these important skills. Furthermore, another aspect that is the same, whether online or in-person, is me. I think you will find that I am non-judgmental, competent, empathetic, compassionate, and supportive. Regardless if I’m on your screen or in person. If you would like to stop letting your anxiety interfere with what’s important to you, reach out today!

    Begin Online Therapy in Kentucky

    A woman smiles while waving at their smartphone and sitting next to laptop. Learn how online therapy in Erlanger, KY can offer support from the comfort of home. Contact an online therapist in Kentucky to learn more about anxiety treatment in Kentucky and other services.

    Distance doesn’t have to get in the way of overcoming your anxiety. I would be honored to offer support from my Erlanger, KY-based practice. If you live in Kentucky or Ohio and would like to start therapy services, feel free to reach out today. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:

    Other Services Offered with Kyle Linnemann Counseling

    I understand you are a complex person with complex concerns. This is why I’m happy to offer a variety of mental health services to support you. You may be looking for a therapist who specializes in bereavement/grief counseling, anger management, or looking for someone to help with ACT therapy, individual relationship issues, and general depression/anxiety/stress. Regardless, I would be happy to support you. I am happy to offer further support with Humana therapy coverage, and both in-person and online therapy in Kentucky and Ohio. Feel free to learn more via my blog, FAQ, and resources page.
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