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    Depression Treatment

    Are you struggling to find joy in life?

    A woman hides her face in her hands while sitting on the side of their bed. Learn how a depression therapist in Erlanger, KY can offer support with online therapy for depression in Kentucky. We offer depression treatment in Cincinnati, OH and online therapy for depression in Ohio as well.Do you feel like every day is a battle? You may feel worried that things are never going to get better. You may even be starting to feel hopeless. It might have started as a sad feeling. You suddenly weren’t interested in the things you used to be excited about. But, in time, everything started feeling a bit pointless. Now, you feel like every day is getting harder. You’re isolated from your friends and family, and you hate that you feel this way. But, you don’t know how to change it.

    You don’t have to continue to live this way.

    Depression Treatment in Erlanger, KY Can Help

    I know it doesn’t feel like it right now, but you can work through this. Working with a counselor can help you understand why you feel this way. They can support you as you process your thoughts and feelings. And, they can teach you skills to actually change the way you feel.
    Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all connected. Your thoughts influence your feelings, which in turn affects the way you act. When you’re depressed, you start thinking that you’re worthless. You might think “I’m not going to be good at this anyway” so you don’t even try. When you have these depressing thoughts, you start internalizing them. They go from a thought to a feeling. And if you truly believe that you’re not going to be good at anything, that it’s pointless, you won’t even try.

    It’s a terrible cycle.

    Working with a therapist specializing in depression can help you break this cycle. You can learn how to identify these negative thoughts that contribute to your feelings. And you can gain skills to stop the cycle! Through depression treatment, you can get back to a life that you’re excited about.

    Common Symptoms of Depression

    Depression impacts everyone in different ways. You may be having those negative thoughts I described. Or, you may be experiencing more physical symptoms. These are only a few of the common symptoms of depression to look out for.
    • Feeling unmotivated or low energy
    • Difficulty experiencing joy
    • Loss of interest in activities you used to enjoy
    • Difficulties with sleeping (sleeping too much or having trouble falling asleep)
    • Isolating from friends or family
    • Feelings of hopelessness

    A man sits next to a window while looking out side with a pensive look. Depression treatment in Erlanger, KY can help you overcome isolation from home with online therapy for depression in Kentucky. We also offer online therapy for depression in Ohio and other services.

    It’s important to note that you don’t have to be experiencing all these symptoms to have depression. If you think that you may be struggling with depression, consider reaching out to a depression therapist for help.

    My Approach to Depression Treatment

    I specialize in depression, along with other mental health concerns such as anxiety and anger. When working with someone who is struggling with depression, I use a combination of ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

    Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

    ACT is a mindfulness-based approach that helps people observe their thoughts and feelings instead of internalizing them and letting them dictate how they behave. Being able to observe your thoughts more objectively allows you to step back from them. Then you can compare your thoughts to your actual values and goals. Through ACT you’ll learn how to use your values and goals as a “compass” to guide you, instead of your depressive thoughts.
    Another important component of ACT is being mindful and present in life. This doesn’t mean that you don’t acknowledge or feel your depression. Instead, it’s about teaching you to be more open to your present moment experience and being in touch and truthful with how you feel. By doing so, you can create a life that is meaningful to you regardless of your thoughts.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    CBT is another approach that I often use when working with clients who are struggling with depression. This approach helps people understand how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are connected. Through CBT, we’ll work together to identify any negative or distorted thoughts you may have. Then we’ll start to challenge and reframe those thoughts. This process can help you gain freedom from that cycle that depression creates.
    CBT also includes behavioral strategies to address depression. This might include learning how to set boundaries, learning valuable problem-solving skills, being assertive, and talking to yourself in a more positive way. We’ll also work on behavioral activations. This is when you use your actions to influence your feelings. Doing things that make you feel good can be very tough when you’re depressed. But it’s important to push through to create more positive experiences. With practice, it will become easier, even natural.

    A woman stands with arms outstretched while taking in the forest around them. Depression treatment in Erlanger, KY can offer support for a number of issues including isolation. Learn more about online therapy for depression in Ohio by contacting a depression therapist in Erlanger, KY today.Can Depression Treatment Actually Help?

    Depression is a very real mental health concern. It impacts every area of your life, and it can make doing the most routine things very challenging. But it doesn’t have to be a permanent part of your life. I’ve seen firsthand how depression treatment can help people make lasting changes in their lives. With the right support, you can start to feel better too.

    Begin Depression Treatment in Kentucky or Ohio

    I know that when you’re struggling with depression, it can be very hard to take the first step and reach out for help. But treatment is vital to breaking that cycle and overcoming it. I offer depression treatment in-person and online to residents of Kentucky and Ohio. By reaching out to an online therapist, you can get help from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to wait any longer to start feeling better with the help of a depression therapist.
    If you’re interested in starting treatment, follow these simple steps:
    • Contact me to learn more about therapy
    • Start depression treatment
    • Begin coping with your anxiety in a healthy way

    Other Services Offered with Kyle Linnemann Counseling

    Depression treatment isn’t the only service I provide. In fact, I’m happy to provide a variety of services to help support your mental health. You may be looking for a therapist who specializes in bereavement/grief counseling, therapy for relationship issues, and anger management. Or, you may be looking for someone to help with some general anxiety/stress. Regardless, counseling can be a great next step in your recovery journey. I am happy to offer further support with Humana therapy coverage, and both in-person and online therapy in Kentucky and Ohio. Feel free to learn more via my blogFAQ, and resources page.