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  • Individual Therapy for Relationship Issues

    A couple sit facing away from one another on the same sofa. Individual therapy for relationship issues in Erlanger, KY can offer support for your bond. Learn more about relationship issues therapy in Erlanger, KY and other services by contacting a relationship therapist in Erlanger, KY. Is your relationship in trouble?

    Are you struggling to get along with others, or having difficulty communicating your needs? Or, your grief, anxiety, or depression may be getting to the point where it’s impacting important relationships. It may affect your friends, marriage, and more. If so, individual therapy may be the solution to help you reconnect with your significant other or begin to build healthier relationships in various areas of your life. Individual therapy for relationship issues helps individuals learn how to build satisfying, meaningful relationships.

    Relationships Are Hard

    It’s not always easy to ask for help when it comes to our relationships. Some people have expressed the feeling that they *should* be able to figure things out on their own. Or, you may worry that asking for help means you’re weak or flawed in some way.

    But, the truth is, everyone struggles in their relationships sometimes. We’re not usually taught how to have healthy relationships. And, you may not have had great models. As a result, when other stressors come up (like job loss, illness, or the death of a loved one), relationships are even harder.

    Often, those moments of stress just don’t bring out the best in you.

    In those moments you may start repeating some of the behaviors you saw your parents model. Or you may push people away without meaning to. Sometimes, it could be the opposite and you find yourself being dependent on others. Do any of these sound familiar? If so, individual therapy for relationship issues may help you learn to have healthier relationships.
    Know that you aren’t alone. These are common relationship issues people face. And, with the help of a relationship therapist, you can learn how to have healthier relationships and build the life you want.

    Reasons You Might Attend Individual Therapy for Relationship Issues

    A person sits across from a concerned women while holding a clipboard. This could represent meeting with a relationship therapist in Erlanger, KY. Learn more about relationship issues therapy in Erlanger, KY and how individual therapy for relationship issues in Erlanger, KY can support you.Here are some of the most common reasons why people seek out a relationship therapist:

    • You’re having trouble communicating with your partner
    • You’re considering breaking up or getting a divorce
    • You want to learn how to set boundaries
    • You’re grieving the loss of a relationship
    • You and your partner are handling a stressful situation differently
    • You have trust issues
    • You’re struggling with codependency
    • You have anxiety or depression and it’s impacting your relationships
    • You’re in an unhealthy or abusive relationship and need help to leave

    These are just some of the reasons why people might seek out individual therapy for their relationship issues.

    If you find yourself struggling in your relationships, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. The bottom line is that if you’re finding relationships difficult right now, it is ok to ask for help.

    How Individual Therapy for Relationship Issues Offers Support

    In individual therapy, we will explore the patterns and dynamics in your relationships that aren’t working for you. We’ll work together to identify what’s causing difficulties. A relationship therapist will find what contributes to your stress, and where you need support. Then, we’ll come up with a plan to help you make the changes you want.

    Individual therapy for relationship issues can look very different depending on what relationships you’re struggling with and what you hope to achieve. They may be romantic, extended family, friendships, coworkers, etc.
    Some people come to therapy hoping to learn how to communicate better with their partners. Others want to learn how to set boundaries so they don’t feel taken advantage of by others. And still, others need help learning to manage strong emotions so they don’t say things they regret. Whatever your reason for coming to therapy, I will tailor our approach. It will fit your unique needs and situation. But, some of the things you may learn through participating in individual therapy include learning:
    • How to communicate and set boundaries in the most healthy and helpful way possible
    • To be more assertive
    • How to “unhook” from thoughts and feelings so they don’t dictate how you respond to others
    • New interpersonal and assertiveness skills that you can use to consistently act in a way consistent with your values and goals
    • How to take a step back from thoughts and feeling when necessary to build the relationships you want with others

    A person takes notes on a clipboard while sitting across from a person. This could represent individual therapy for relationship issues in Erlanger, KY. Learn more about online relationship counseling in Kentucky, online relationship counseling in Ohio, and other services. Other Mental Health Issues Can Impact Relationships

    To be honest, many of my clients who work on their relationships during our work together actually came in initially for help with anxiety, depression, anger, trauma, or grief. Why? Because it’s very common that a person’s individual mental health concerns can start to negatively impact various areas of their life including relationships.

    For example, someone who is struggling with depression may pull away from their partner. They may do this because they’re feeling hopeless and helpless. Or, they may stop taking part in activities they once enjoyed since they don’t have the energy or motivation to do anything. As a result, their spouse or significant other may feel like they’re getting ignored. The same thing can happen with grief. Or, with grief, two people grieving may show it in very different ways. That difference can often lead to conflict if not understood.
    On the other hand, someone who is struggling with anxiety may start to have arguments with their partner more often. This may be because they’re feeling irritable and on edge. One partner may have experienced trauma in the past and they are triggered by well-meaning friends. Or, family members who don’t understand.
    Are you struggling with your mental health? If it’s starting to impact your relationships, know that you aren’t alone. This is very common and not something to try to handle on your own. Through individual therapy such as ACT therapy, we can get to the root of the issues causing problems in your relationships and other areas of your life. And then, we can make sure you have the skills to repair any relationships that have

    The Bottom Line: You CAN Have Better Relationships

    If you are reading this right now, it’s likely one or more relationship in your life is causing you stress. However, with individual therapy, you can address the issues that are coming up for you in relationships, identify what is important to you in relationships, learn the skills you need, and move toward building meaningful relationships where you live in line with your own values.

    Begin Individual Therapy for Relationship Issues in Erlanger, KY & Ohio

    If you are in Kentucky or Ohio and are struggling to maintain the healthy relationships you want, contact me to set up an individual therapy session. I’ll work with you to help you identify the areas in which you need support and we’ll develop a plan to help you make the changes you want in your life. Let’s get started today and begin building the relationships you really want.

     My counseling office is located in Erlanger, KY. So, if you live anywhere in the Cincinnati area (my office is just over the bridge about 15-20 minutes from Cincinnati), I can offer in-person counseling. Or, I’m able to offer online therapy to anyone in either Kentucky or Ohio. So, even if you don’t live near my office, we can still work together. To start your therapy journey with Kyle Linnemann Counseling, please follow these simple steps:

    1. Contact me about starting individual relationship counseling
    2. Get started & fully participate in sessions to make the most progress
    3. Begin improving your relationships and feeling connected to others!

    I look forward to hearing from you and beginning our work together.