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    Online Therapy in Kentucky

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    So, you’re ready to consider online therapy. There are lots of thoughts and feelings that arise when you realize it’s time to seek support. Maybe you’ve tried therapy before, and it didn’t work out for some reason. Or maybe you’ve been avoiding the pain by pushing it off or numbing it out. You never thought you’d look into therapy. But here you are, ready and willing to see how therapy can help you. I welcome you and applaud you for taking this step in your healing.

    Challenges of Starting Therapy

    I know that therapy can be intimidating for some folks. There’s so much that goes into it. First, you have to find a therapist. And you might even try out a couple before finding one you really click with. Then, you have to find time in your hectic schedule to commute, spend an hour in a session, then get home to face the busyness again.

    On the other hand, some individuals experience anxiety about going to a counseling office. Sitting with another person and processing big feelings can be tough. Especially when you haven’t built that trust and openness with that therapist yet. And not to mention, we just lived through a pandemic. Social anxiety, the ruts of depression, or grief can certainly make getting out of the house challenging at times.

    There are quite a few reasons that counseling may not seem like a good fit for your busy, complex life. However, online therapy sessions can take a huge burden of counseling sessions off your plate. In fact, many people have found online therapy to be just as effective as in-person counseling sessions.

    Online Therapy in Kentucky: The Benefits

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    If any of the above challenges resonated with you, then online therapy would definitely be a good fit for your support needs. And there are many more benefits to meeting with an online therapist that could help you in your healing, too.

    First of all, you don’t need to spend any time commuting to and from a counseling office with online therapy. There’s no added time spent in your day away from work, family, or hobbies besides your one-hour session. Plus, you can meet with an online therapist from anywhere.

    So, if you’re regularly traveling out of CVG, SDF, or LEX, you can squeeze in time to meet with an online therapist. Likewise, busy parents with little ones running around can chat with a therapist during nap time or in the carpool line. And if you’re a young adult seeking support, evenings and weekend appointments can be a great way to make sure you’re able to meet with a therapist.

    Online Therapy for Your Added Comfort

    A really special aspect of online therapy is that you can be in your space, whether that’s your car, bedroom, office, or another calm environment. This means that you can experience all of the comforts of your own space. Many clients I see in online therapy get their favorite coffee or tea before sitting down for a session. You can have your drink, sit in a comfy spot, and wear whatever you want (yes, even PJs).

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    Another big perk of online therapy is getting to be with your pet while in sessions. Many clients I’ve worked with processing grief, anxiety, depression, and other struggles have found comfort in having their pets with them. Working through challenging feelings and experiences can be a little easier when you’ve got your furry companion by your side.

    Online therapy from your personal space allows you to get the support you need with added convenience and simplicity. You don’t have to stress about traffic or seeing someone you know at a counseling office. Instead, you can enjoy the privacy of your space and the things that keep you grounded.

    Online Therapy in Kentucky

    At my practice, I provide online therapy to individuals throughout the state of Kentucky. I am physically located in Erlanger, KY, which is about 15 minutes from the border of Ohio and the city of Cincinnati. So, while I’m located in northern Kentucky, even folks in Lexington and Louisville can still access my services.

    Likewise, if you’re from a rural part of the state, like Pikesville, Somerset, or Campbellsville, you can connect with me. On a different note, since I’m so close to Cincinnati, I am also licensed to provide online therapy in Ohio. So, you’re interested in my services but are from Ohio, we can still work together.

    Get Started with Online Therapy in Kentucky

    I know that online therapy has many benefits for many different people and their unique lifestyles. Throughout my years as an online therapist, I’ve seen individuals work through complex issues, develop skills and implement tools, and come out on the other side of hardship. You deserve to find support that can help you do the same. If you’re ready to begin online therapy sessions, follow the steps below.

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    3. Get started with your journey today

    Other Services at Kyle Linnemann Counseling

    Online therapy is not the only service we offer at our Erlanger, KY-based therapy practice. We offer individual therapy for a range of issues including anxiety therapy, depression treatment, and an emphasis on complicated grief therapy. We also offer ACT therapy and individual therapy for relationship issues.  If you need help in an area unlisted, give us a call, check out our blog, read our FAQs, and learn more about Kyle Linnemann. Life is difficult, and that is something we understand. We are also happy to offer Humana therapy coverage in Ohio and Kentucky. Contact us today to start your journey, and put your best foot forward.