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    Anger Management in KY & OH

    Maybe you’ve been told you have a problem with anger, maybe even having a partner threaten to leave or being asked by your boss at work to get help. Or, you just know that you have a short temper.

    Honestly, you find yourself yelling or arguing with family and friends more than you’d like to admit. Perhaps you’ve even had some difficulty getting along with coworkers or have been fired from jobs in the past. You’ve said things you’ve regretted. Or maybe even done things when angry that you wouldn’t even consider doing regularly.

    Your Angry Self Doesn’t Even Feel Like Your “Real Self”

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    Essentially, it feels like when you become angry the “real you” somehow takes a back seat and this other part of you comes out that you don’t fully understand. You respond to stressful situations in ways that are inconsistent with your values.

    In those moments, you aren’t behaving in the way you know you “should” or really want to act.
    You don’t want to live like this anymore – always on edge, lashing out, or feeling like you’re about to explode.

    You Don’t Have to be Held Back by Your Anger

    If any of this resonates, anger management counseling may be the solution for you. As a counselor, I offer anger management counseling in Kentucky & Ohio. Through counseling you can learn how to control your anger and lead a happier, healthier life.

    Anger Itself Isn’t the Problem

    First, it’s important to understand that anger itself isn’t the problem. In and of itself, anger is a perfectly normal emotion. We all feel angry at times. The problem arises when we can’t control our anger or when it leads to negative consequences in our lives.

    If you struggle in your relationship with anger, you aren’t alone. In fact, one study estimated that 7.81% of the population struggled with problems related to anger. Anger can be a destructive force, both for you as an individual and for your relationships. Furthermore, if left untreated, anger can lead to depression, anxiety, and even physical health problems.

    That’s why it’s important to seek help if you think you might have a problem with anger.

    Signs You May Need Counseling for Anger

    Wondering if it’s really time for anger management? Here are some of the signs counseling may help:

    IMage of a man distraught and angry, representing the loss of hope beofre reaching out for anger management in KY as well as anger management therapy through counseling. | 40018 |

    • Losing your temper more often than you’d like
    • Yelling or arguing with family and friends frequently
    • Having difficulty getting along with coworkers
    • A history of being fired from jobs or supervisors suggesting you may have a problem with anger
    • Acting in ways when angry that you wouldn’t normally act
    • Depression, anxiety, or other mental health problems
    • Physical health problems that may be caused or exacerbated by stress
    • Feeling held hostage by your angry thoughts & emotions

    What Happens in Anger Management Therapy?

    Anger management counseling is a type of therapy that can help you understand your anger and learn how to control it. In counseling, we’ll work together to explore the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are associated with your anger.

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    We’ll start by examining the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so you can better understand why you’re experiencing each. Then, we’ll work to change your relationship with those thoughts and feelings so you can get better at taking a step back. You’ll learn how to more intentionally respond to situations versus automatically responding in the moment.

    As our work together progresses, you’ll become more aware of your thoughts and feelings as a whole and begin to manage them in a way that is more helpful. In doing so, you’ll be able to take a step back in moments of stress and react in a way that is consistent with your own values and personal goals.

    ACT & CBT: My Approach to Anger Management

    Much of my work as a counselor relies heavily on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I pull tools from both of these counseling approaches to help you develop a healthier relationship with your anger.

    ACT helps you learn how to accept your thoughts and feelings without judgment so that you can take action in a way that is consistent with your values. CBT, on the other hand, acknowledges the relationship between thoughts, feelings and actions. We then look at ways to help you be more intentional about how you react in situations. For example, we may talk about coping skills for strong emotions such as taking a brief timeout, or do some assertiveness training in sessions.

    Both of these approaches are really helpful in treating anger and other related problems. They work together to give you new ways to view and respond to strong emotions. This in turn allows you to feel more in control over your thoughts, feelings & behaviors. And you are able to gradually improve your relationships as a whole.

    Through Counseling, You Can Regain Control of Your Thoughts & Feelings

    If you’re struggling with anger, know that you don’t have to continue feeling this way. Counseling can help you understand your anger and learn how to control it in a way that is healthy for both you and those around you.

    After Counseling, Your Relationship with Anger Will Look Different

    Image of a woman sitting on a cliff looking at the horizon representing the hope that is available through anger management in KY & OH through anger management therapy. | 45205 |

    After working on your anger in counseling sessions, you will have the tools, skills, and understanding to consistently apply the concepts we discuss in your own life. At first, you’ll still need support from me as your therapist. But over time, you’ll be able to apply them on your own with less and less help from me.

    Over time, you’ll notice that you’re behaving more and more in ways that are consistent with your values and goals, even when things get really stressful at home or work. You’ll be better able to manage your thoughts and feelings in a way that’s helpful. You will start to have more control over your own actions.

    And when your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are no longer interfering with how you want to be as a human being, it will be time for you to move forward.

    Begin Anger Management in KY & OH

    If you’re ready to begin anger management counseling, I urge you to call today. My counseling office is located in Erlanger in Northern Kentucky. So, if you live anywhere in the Cincinnati area (my office is just over the bridge about 15-20 minutes from Cincinnati), I’d love to help.

    I know finding a counselor who specializes in anger management can be difficult, so you may be looking for support even if you aren’t anywhere near Cincinnati. Luckily, online counseling allows me to offer online anger management counseling to anyone in either Kentucky or Ohio. So, please reach out if you’re looking for help and live in either state.

    I’ll work with you to understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors associated with anger so that we can start making changes that will improve your life and relationships. If you’re ready to start your journey with anger management therapy in KY, follow the steps below.

    1. Contact me about starting counseling
    2. Get started & fully participate in sessions to make the most progress
    3. Begin regaining control of your emotions & life

    Other Services at Kyle Linnemann Counseling

    Anger management therapy is only one of the many mental health services I offer at my Erlanger, KY-based therapy practice. I offer in-person individual therapy, therapy for relationship issues, and online therapy in Kentucky and Ohio. I can help with a variety of mental health concerns including offering to counsel for basic mental health issues such as ACT therapy, individual relationship issue therapy, depression or anxiety. Additionally, complicated grief therapy is a specialty of mine where I have extensive training and clinical experience. If you need help in an area unlisted, give me a call, check out my blog, read my FAQs, and learn more about me. I know and understand anger and mental health as a whole, and I am here to help. Contact me today to learn more about Humana therapy coverage, and start your therapy journey.